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Technica USA has serviced the Printed Circuit Board Fabrication market for almost 35 years. Working with our worldwide partners, we have always offered our customers products that lead in technology. As the technology advances rapidly for high density, high performance printed circuit boards, we are always working with our partners to develop products that meet the demands of tomorrow.

Our longevity in servicing this market is a reflection of our ability to adapt to the changes that have occurred over this period of time. Our personnel’s extensive experience and professionalism allows us to bring value to our customers each and every day.

We offer a complete line of chemicals, resists, conductive and non-conductive pastes and solder masks that meet the requirements for building highly sophisticated printed circuits boards. Our full line of consumables is complimented with a complete line of manufacturing process equipment. We look forward to continuing to service our long-term customers.

Technica provides solutions for all PCB fabrication needs - from consumables to the PCB fab equipment to produce the boards.

As the national distributor of FUJI plotter film and with our experience as the image specialists, Technica is able to meet your every need for silver, diazo and dry film.

The market is driving ever so faster towards full implementation of direct imaging. Technica, through our DI machines from Chime-Ball Technologies, continues to provide to our customers the latest technology and significant performance with a very competitive cost in this ever growing field. Our wet processing systems from WISE, along with our depth and breadth of solutions experience, provide a successful option for board processing.