Technica USA has serviced the Printed Circuit Board Fabrication market for over 30 years. Working with our worldwide partners, we have always offered our customers products that lead in technology. As the technology advances rapidly for high density, high performance printed circuit boards, we are always working with our partners to develop products that meet the demands of tomorrow.

Our longevity in servicing this market is a reflection of our ability to adapt to the changes that have occurred over this period of time. Extensive experience and professionalism allows us to bring value to our customers each and every day. We offer a complete line of laminate materials, chemicals, resists, conductive and non-conductive pastes and solder masks that meet the requirements for building highly sophisticated printed circuits boards. Our full line of consumables is complimented with a complete line of manufacturing process equipment. We look forward to continuing to service our long-term customers.



Technica, USA offers our customers in the Printed Circuits Assembly some of the most advanced materials and process equipment in the industry for placing devices of all shapes and sizes, including 01005 chip devices.

No longer driven by the high volume demand, today’s U.S. manufacturing environment now revolves around a very different model of high-mix production. In conjunction with our principals, our goal is to work with our customers to develop solutions that allow them to produce high yields when placing a high mix of components. Whether it is equipment for electronic assembly, selective solder and welding or cleaning, Technica enables our customers to maintain a competitive edge by providing state-of-the-art tools while also offering, improved quality and cost-efficient solutions.


The worldwide demands for flexible electronics continue to grow on a rapid pace. The advantages of flexible electronics have revolutionized many industries including medical, automotive, and aerospace, consumer products and computers. Flexible electronics includes the manufacturing of flexible printed circuits, flexible displays, flexible radio frequency identification (RFID) tags, flexible sensors, flexible batteries and devices not yet developed.

Technica USA and our Partners are well positioned to address the demands for manufacturing flexible electronics products now and in the future. We offer a full range of flexible materials, specialty cleaning and plating chemistries, conductive and non-conductive pastes as well as wide variety of web (Roll to Roll) processing equipment. Technica is prepared to work with our customers to continue to advance the processing techniques used to manufacturing flexible electronics in order to meet the demands for producing circuits and devices for the future.


Microelectronics is a subfield of electronics. As the name suggests, microelectronics relates to the manufacture (or micro-fabrication) of very small electronic designs and components. Technica USA and our partners, including Heraeus, Kurtz Ersa and Orpro Vision, have extensive experience and can provide the smartest solutions for microelectronics. Our equipment product offering includes CII, Hardram, Static Clean and Rite-Temp to provide the highest quality production possible.