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Elite Material Co., Ltd. (EMC) was established in March 1992 to design and manufacture base materials for the worldwide PCB industry. Their main products are cooper clad laminates (CCL), prepregs (PP) and Mass Lamination boards (MASS Lam PCB's).

With "Sustainable Operation" and "Continual Improvement" as their philosophies, EMC listens to its customers to realize market demand and develops diversified and unsurpassed value added products to exceed customer's satisfaction. In this fast and ever changing world, each EMC member understands by self-confidence and teamwork, that EMC can develop unparalleled and visionary product and create differentiated values for our customers and work towards a win-win relationship.


In a world of suppliers to the PCB industry, Fujifilm is unrivaled in its ability to create a rich family of products. In addition to this offering, Fujifilm products feature industry leading quality and performance to the PCB plotter film market. Charged Accelerator Emulsion Technology controls the image accompanying the development progression. This results in outstanding line sharpness and precise line width control, producing fine lines and spaces without compromising exposure or processing latitude. The final proof - a system that meets the demanding requirements of high complexity HDI/PWB creation.

Fujifilm PCB products include silver film used in plotters, as well as for Laser and/or LED Direct Imaging machines, including CBT, Maskless, Orbotec, Miva and others. In addition, Fujifilm developer and fixer are well known for their clean processing characteristics, high quality and performance. Superior phototools and reduced film processor maintenance cost is the result.


Since 1984, Electra has been a leader in the development of advanced specialty polymer products for use in the global PCB and related Electronics manufacturing industries. Using their extensive laboratories and a flexible range of partnership/development models, Electra provides off-the-shelf products, bespoke materials and contract R&D services to a wide range of industry and world-class OEMs.

Electra provides world class, regional service to customers and OEMs in over 40 countries through a global network of distributors who provide warehousing and technical support from local sales offices. This is backed up by our own technical specialists who have many years’ experience of PCB and Wafer Level processes.


Makers of high photosensitivity, high resolution PCB materials for direct light processing and UV laser direct imaging, including: UV photosensitive dry film products, Direct imaging photosensitive dry film products and Photosensitive coverlay for flexible circuit products


Need a brush that is 1/8" smaller or 3" wider? One with a combination of synthetic and natural bristles? Gordon Brush can modify any standard brush to your exact specifications. And, when you need a truly unique brush, Gordon Brush can design and manufacture custom brushes for any application. More than 2,000 standard brushes are in stock and ready to ship.


Established in April 2014, KPTI unifies two of the world's leading cutting tool manufacturers, Kyocera Tycom Corporation (KTC) and the Cutting Tool Division of Kyocera Industrial Ceramics Corporation (KICC-CT). The creation of KPTI establishes a combined enterprise that optimizes the strengths of both organizations and facilitates expansion of Kyocera's overall cutting tool-related business in North America. The new combined entity unifies cutting tool resources to create greater efficiencies while positioning the new organization for continued success. Customers benefit from a unified sales and support team offering excellent customer service and an expanded portfolio of cutting tool products and solutions for the automotive, aerospace, general machining, medical, power generation, printed circuit board and steel markets.


The PiXDRO industrial inkjet printing equipment applies functional materials for a variety of applications. These functional materials can have dielectric, conductive, adhesive, mechanical, optical or chemical properties, and are printed with pico-liter sized droplets from a digital file. Inkjet printing is an additive manufacturing technology, hence has great advantages in relation to material usage, productivity, environmental impact and costs.

Because of its precise drop placement and volumes, functional inkjet printing has numerous applications in printed and flexible electronics, displays, OLED, sensors, PCB, semiconductor assembly, chemical machining, photovoltaics, life science, and optics. Inkjet printing can create very fine features, down to 20 micron, and can replace conventional techniques such as lithography, screen printing, spray coating and dispensing. Because it is fully digital, there is no need for masks and screens, significantly saving material usage, and enabling fast product changeover times.


Wise is a private company situated in Parma-Italy, and since the owners have been established the company in June 2003, all the energies have been spent to follow the Mission of the company to become the Italian international technology leading company of Wet Processing Equipment in PCB market. In order to pursue such goal, our customers are located in the centre of our orbit and supported by providing Service & Support to satisfy the requirements they may need.

Wise, the leader in Wet Processing Equipment, is in constant evolution in the PCB market. The professional team is working with a flexible customer satisfaction thinking organization and follows the Wise’s “Quality and Service” philosophy to satisfy all the requirements the market may need. We always focus the target of increasing production efficiency to achieve profits that can be reinvested in research & development and in product cost reduction to grant the highest technology at competitive condition.


Chime Ball Technology was established in 1999 with a focus on the PCB market with exposure machine, equipment research and development, production and marketing. CBT was the first in Asia to launch CCD semi-automatic exposure of the exposure of the factory and, in 2008, launched the first domestic automatic exposure machine for the domestic exposure of equipment research and development technology.

The company's products are currently used in all kinds of panel production process of the inner, outer, anti-welding, HDI, touch and other exposure processes providing complete coverage of PCB, LED and Touch Panels in using exposure equipment. CBT has developed a high speed, high resolution, high precision and full range of exposure machines. Our wide variety of machines, coupled with a competitive price advantage and immediate after-sales service, allows customers to improve their process capacity, reduce their costs and allow for production line stability.


Automatic Lamination Technologies – Dynachem is an independent, privately-held company fully dedicated to design, manufacture and offer high Technology equipment to the PCB, chemical milling, semiconductor and photovoltaic industries. Automatic Lamination Technologies – Dynachem has over 35 years of proven experience, in supplying dry film imaging equipment, primarily with Hot Roll laminators, Vacuum Laminators and Solder-Mask Spray coating.

We have been delivering innovative solutions to the leading companies worldwide, ensures maximum return on technology investment and widespread user adoption by delivering solutions tailored around processes and decision-making workflows.


CIPEL ITALIA was established in 1985 to supply the growing PCB industry with machines and consumables. Since then, we have greatly expanded our products range and services to become a high quality supplier to most professional and industrial markets. The expansion of our product range has established us as a prime source for components, consumables, machines in different markets as Pcb, Metal Etching, Smart Cards, Composite Laminates and Power Electronics.

With 30 years’ experience, the comprehensive and independent view on the market, we help our customers finding effective solutions to reach high quality and production targets. The quick reaction, a cost effective structure and the know-how of our team assure a concrete support and full service to our customers. Cedatec Srl has a long and mature experience in multilayer production at a worldwide level. High quality and High productivity are both the guide lines of all new projects they are developing for the PCB market. Cedatec Srl bases its production power on a solid company which has been in the Machine-Tools field for many years.


Rite-Temp Manufacturing pioneered the development of refrigerated industrial water chillers in 1948. Since the first Rite-Temp units were introduced, quality engineering and manufacturing has been a key element in each Rite-Temp water chiller. Flexibility of design and product adaptability of pour water chillers set Rite Temp apart in the industry. Each unit is individually constructed to meet your exact specifications. Our Portable units are available in 2 to 12-ton capacities and 2 to 36-ton units in our Vertical, Horizontal, or Remote systems.

Over the years, our water chillers have been subjected to the most critical on-the-job performance evaluations. The result has been proven reliability and a reputation for a solid quality machine. Rite-Temp manufactures water chillers for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications.


Established in 1985, CJI Process Systems Incorporated is a trusted, secure and reliable international supplier of industrial products and services. Serving processing industries such as aerospace, agricultural machinery, automotive, electronics, medical and military, CJI provides top-quality design, fabrication and installation of the equipment needed to succeed in today’s marketplace. With newly expanded sandblasting, lining and coating capabilities, we offer end-to-end solutions and finished products that are built to last.


The appearance of your product when presented to a customer conveys your commitment to quality, which means that the ultimate protection of your product — removing damaging air and moisture, keeping it immobile, clean and completely visible, is vital. Christopher International Vacuum Packaging Systems enables you to provide customers with the best technology available, while greatly reducing your shipping costs. Located in Melbourne Florida, Christopher International is a very reputable company with current clientele such as TYCO, SANMINA, HONEYWELL and ROGERS CORP in the printed circuit industry, and SIEMENS, NIPPON DENSO, HARRIS, NEC and LOCKHEED MARTIN in the circuit assembly industry just to name a few.


Meticulous Contact Cleaning will give you much better yields, and a far greater return on your investment. However not all contact cleaner companies are the same. Teknek is the company that invented the contact-cleaning business. We have been helping manufacturers increase production yields, reduce waste for over 30 years. The company that has saved customers an estimated $3bn. This company works with the world’s biggest and best manufacturers across Europe, the USA and the Far East. It has over 23,000 installations across the world.At Teknek, we don’t talk about reducing contamination in manufacturing. We talk about eliminating it


PAL Sales, LLC., is one of the world's largest suppliers of affordable and high quality automated plating equipment to the PCB and metal finishing industries. Specializing in the sales and service of automated plating and finishing machinery, as well as upgrades, conversions and retrofits to current systems to increase productivity and efficiency, PAL Sales brings its many years of experience in the plating industry to every project. Don Monfort, President of PAL Sales LLC has over 40 years experience with the electroplating and chemical industries. He has the know-how to bring your research and vision to the production floor anywhere in the world.


Offering a complete line of equipment for virtually all water treatment needs, including a combined process and treatment package that enables customers to work with just one supplier for an entire project. Our Total Water Production Package includes all you need, from automated continuous-flow or batch wastewater treatment systems to state-of-the-art clean water and recycle water systems and everything in between, including 24-hour monitoring service and support.

ZMETRIX - Controlled Impedance

ZMetrix provides intelligent technology, combined with expert knowledge in impedance, to develop devices that offer unmatched features and capabilities. ZMetrix TDR test systems come standard with Windows software that automates the data gathering process through an intuitive user interface. Calibration, verification, data logging, and statistical reporting are all fully supported by the software. Modern PCBs have evolved towards higher and higher frequencies requiring new standards for controlled impedance testing. Zmetrix offers a solution to these new requirements with a range of instruments at affordable price. Made in the US, Zmetrix offers the fastest and more reliable instruments on the market today.