Established in 1985, Technica USA continues to provide the highest quality products for the fast-paced, ever changing electronics marketplace. Our philosophy is simple:

Bring together only the industry leading suppliers who have developed innovative products that will provide the manufacturer with a true technological advantage to produce complex electronic products.

We are a privately held company with a total of thirty employees. Technica provides sales and service for our myriad of product lines throughout the United States. Efforts to utilize our core competency into the Electronics Assembly, Printed Electronics and Semiconductor Packaging & Design industries have enables us to take steps in expanding our services throughout all of North America.

Technica has many areas where we go beyond the traditional distributor role. We are a resource for our customers where they are able to have access to the latest products, designs and information required to remain competitive in today's technologically very difficult marketplace.

In addition, Technica provides "value added" services, including sheeting, tooling and embossing/printing the various raw materials used in the PCB industry, as well as expertise and consulting on Failure Analysis and Pipeline Logistics.