Supporting the PCB Industry with FUJIFILM

Technica is proud to be the US and Canadian supplier of all FUJIFILM PCB Film, Developer and Fixer. With the expansive growth of Direct Imaging, many companies continue to rely on the Phototool to process their Primary Imaging and Solder Mask boards. With over 40 years in the business, FUJIFILM is an industry leader in PCB Phototools with its FUJIFILM and FUJI Developer and Fixer and a primary choice of many customers. The FUJIFILM Charged Accelerator Emulsion Technology controls the image expansion accompanying the development progression. This results in outstanding line sharpness and precise line width control, producing fine lines and spaces without compromising exposure or processing latitude. This means that the Satisfine system meets the demanding requirements of high-complexity HDI / PCB creation.


  • High Resolving Power
  • Excellent Line Sharpness and Widest Latitude
  • Superior Dimensional Stability
  • Unsurpassed Product Consistency
  • Optimized Chemistry Consumption
HCPGreen Laser or argon Laser
2-sided PCB, Multilayers, HDI, lines > 20µm
HPRRed Laser or LED
High resolution work, fine lines > 20µm
XPRRed Laser or LED
2-sided PCB, Multilayers, HDI, lines > 20µm
NAT-540 Fine Line Developer
NAT-750Liquid Fixer
HYD-DSC-100Developer Tank Cleaner
GRA-CEUCleanup Sheets


  • High Level of Technical Support
  • Superior Customer Service Team
  • Film Processor Maintenance Recommendations
  • Silver Reclamation Support
  • Customized Product Inventory Control
  • Nine Regional Warehouses for Prompt Product Delivery


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