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Technica, USA offers our customers in the Printed Circuits Assembly some of the most advanced materials and process equipment in the industry for placing devices of all shapes and sizes, including 01005 chip devices.

No longer driven by the high volume demand, today’s U.S. manufacturing environment now revolves around a very different model of high-mix production. In conjunction with our principals, our goal is to work with our customers to develop solutions that allow them to produce high yields when placing a high mix of components.

Whether it is equipment for electronic assembly, selective solder and welding or cleaning, Technica enables our customers to maintain a competitive edge by providing state-of-the-art tools while also offering, improved quality and cost-efficient solutions.

Our extensive product offering provides our customers a complete line of material and equipment for incoming goods scanning, component counting, solder paste, jet printing, pick and placement, material tracking and handling, reflow soldering ovens, board cleaning, inspection, testing and analysis. We literally provide all SMT equipment required to move your product from parts placement through X-ray inspection to packaging.

In addition, we provide full service for the equipment we sell with all required supplemental parts and spares.