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Supplemental Maintenance Programs

"Supplemental Maintenance Programs" are designed to assist our customers in maintaining the operating quality and promoting the longevity of their equipment.

The Supplemental Maintenance Program is intended to provide factory trained preventative maintenance support on a routine schedule to enhance the regular maintenance already being performed by the customer. It is different from a standard service contract in that we are not incorporating emergency service as part of the program. Emergency service continues to be provided on an "as needed", specifically coordinated basis.

Our programs typically are divided into various "levels" of service and include a list of foreseen replacement parts. The service level is indicative of the volume of work to be performed. The frequency of such service can be scheduled annually, semi-annually, or down to bi-monthly, depending on the utilization of your machine. The program is offered in such a way as to allow our customers to determine the scope and extent of the program, based on their individual needs.

Supplemental Maintenance Program Contracts are offered on an annual basis and include labor and foreseen parts. The standard contract provides for all work to be performed on weekdays however, a limited number of weekend contracts will be offered with an additional charge

We are pleased to offer this new program to our customers. If you are interested in obtaining a quote for a contract on your machines, please contact your local sales representative.