Quality service is critical to our business. Our reputation for superior quality service is one of our most important assets. Before quality can be a part of a business, it must be defined. How do we define "Quality?" It is, to Technica employees, that degree of excellence which makes each individual proud to be a member of our company. We know that many other companies claim that "quality" is their number one job and that it is the core of all that they do. At Technica, the pursuit of quality in what we do is but one aspect of our core competencies which has allowed us to be in business for over thirty-six years.

Our objective is to achieve and maintain the highest quality standards in all aspects of our business activities as best we are able. It is our desire to have ethics, integrity and to adhere to the highest quality standards possible in our business practices. We intend to meet this standard of performance through constant striving for excellence by our colleagues through our support and service to our customers and to each other.

The type of products and services we provide is also a part of our quality offering. We will endeavor to always provide the most appropriate and highest quality and value of products from principals "first in their class." We expect our sales and technical colleagues to provide the most informed and technically accurate and applicable expertise and information necessary to meet the requirements of our customers.

Above all else, we want to assist our customers in helping them "get what they want, when they want it and at an acceptable price." The pride in doing so results for us in a "job well done."