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Equipment Audits

Equipment Audits are designed to give our customers a "baseline" condition of their equipment. Most audits take only a couple hours, but the information gained by the customer is most beneficial in the fact that the equipment was thoroughly inspected by factory trained professionals.

An audit report is compiled and can also contain digital pictures of the areas requiring service. A quotation can also be done to perform the necessary work that may be required to bring the equipment back to original specification.

Some key areas Technica, U.S.A. inspects:

  • All conveyor drive systems and components
  • All manifolds and pressurized spray bar systems.
  • All Process sections (scrub, chemical spray, etc.)
  • Belts, pulleys, drive shafts, idler shafts, sidewall plates and structure.
  • All Rinse sections
  • All Dryer sections
  • Consoles or operator interface panels and wiring
  • Equipment general condition
  • Electrical general condition and loads
  • Supplied water pressure
  • General drainage condition
  • General ventilation system